Saturday, March 19, 2011


I know most of you out there already know this from face book but I thought I would share the whole experience of the ultra sound. Or at least the highlights...

I was super nervous about having to have a full bladder for the ultrasound. I hate the feeling of having to pee. I did as instructed and when I get there they informed me that an emergency had come in before me and they were about 20 minutes behind. Yikes!

But once we got back to ultrasound room I couldn't have cared less about it. Getting to see the baby floating around in there was awesome! The ultra sound tech was showing us different things here and there (And how she knew what they were I have no idea.) At one point we were looking at a picture that appeared to be the baby with the hands right up by his face. Almost like he wanted to suck his thumb. My mom pointed it out, and we were all cooing and caaing except the ultra sound tech (she was spunky, I liked her). "What in the world are you looking at?" she asked. My mom pointed it out on the screen and the tech just giggled and said, "Ya those are the kidneys...." Not even a full minute after that happened she freeze framed a picture, "Well, now we know what we're having!" I stared at the screen for a second. I still thought it was boy but with what had just happened to my mom I didn't want to be wrong. "And that would beeeee???" I questioned. She happily says, "right there it is!" NOT HELPING! "A boy???" I said timidly. And then the rejoicing began!

Kirby was cracking off jokes left and right and it was SO hard to keep my belly still while the tech was trying to get the rest of the pictures she needed. And if I wasn't moving Gerbs was! (We nicknamed him Gerbs until we find a real name...and if we keep moving at the current rate, that is what will be going on his birth certificate.)  We have to go in and get about ultra sound done at 23 weeks because they couldn't get a great picture of the heart. But I'm not complaining. any chance to see him again I'll take it!

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  1. Having to hold it for an ultra sound is the weirdest thing I have heard of. I wonder why they had you do that. That's so neat for you guys. Boys are so much fun. You will have to check out my family blog, if you haven't already found it. :)