Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My funny husband.

I had to blog about this so I could remember it years down the road. I have such a loving and caring husband.

So last night Kirby and I are watching TV on the sofa. “Uhho” I say with NO panic what so ever in my voice.
Kirby shoots up with a horrified expression on his face and stares at me.
“Oh it’s fine, we just may want to bring the towels in from outside.” I say. Again with no panic.
He sits there still just staring at me in horror and panic. 
I point out the window and say, “It looks like rain. I don't want the towels to get wet.”
He lets out this huge sigh and says, “You scared the crap out of me!! I thought your water was breaking or something! I was so freaked out. All I could think about was that I wasn’t ready. We have so much to do!”

Then he sat back down and kept watching TV. 

He is so funny and I love that he was so concerned. I'm also now aware that when the time does come I will have to be the calm one.