Thursday, May 19, 2011

Now Entering the Third Trimester.

It's here! The third trimester! 

So far my pregnancy has been fairly easy and uncomplicated. My morning sickness was basically non-existent. Well the vomiting part of it was. I still felt really ill and eating was the only thing that kept me from loosing it. In my first trimester I was having a very annoying problem where my hip would slip out of place unexpectedly. That made standing up more of a "standing up then falling down situation". Super fun.  

My second trimester flew by with out me even noticing. Obviously, rolling over in bed wasn't as easy as it used to be and the heartburn was enough to make Tums sound delicious, but really it wasn't that bad. Everyone keeps asking me about what I have been craving. Sorry to disappoint. No pickles and ice cream for this girl. My everlasting cravings have been for anything potato related and WATERMELON! I shutter to think how much money I have spent on watermelon. But it is just SO good. One very good reason I'm not 100 pounds heavier is because almost everything else I have been craving is available only in Salt Lake. And, while Wasatch Broiler sounds like heaven right now, the four hour drive puts me back in my place and I eventually just give up.  

This picture was taken around Easter and my belly has grown since then but I don't have a good picture of it. 

Maybe I can get a few good ones while we are in Hawaii.