Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Parade of Homes

Last week was the Parade of Homes down here in good ol' Saint George. With the economy suffering the homes were more modest this year with the exception of a One. This home seems as though it was built for royal children.
here are some pics of that one.

This is the pool and inside was a very neat surprise!

This sitting area is only accessible but way of the pool. A swim up T.V. How cool is that!
There is also a separate spa area included in this "pool house".

And yes folks there was a Basket ball court in the basement. Not to mention the three whole putting green and weight room, aerobics room AND full size racquetball court.

This house also included a nail salon and a complete Harry Potter area that had a Platform 9 3/4 and sectioned reading areas for all the kids.

We had a great time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Las Vegas

On February 9th Mike and I drove to the ever so fabulous Las Vegas for the Las Vegas Furniture Market. My mom flew in from Salt Lake to meet us there for three days of walking, networking, and a little fun. The Market is comprised of three, inter-connected buildings totaling 5 million square feet!! We saw about 25 % of it. With floor after floor of furniture and accessories it is quite a sight to behold. For an interior designer it is just as good, if not a little better than Disneyland.

The drive to Las Vegas for us is only about 2 hours. We stayed in the Excalibur hotel and weren't necessarily happy with it. It is old and slightly stinky. But for $60 a night I guess I can't complain... not to mention, who goes to Vegas to sit in the room anyways.

We made a lot of really great contacts and got set up to sell their furniture and accessories. If you are ever going to buy furniture CALL ME first!!! Most of the time I can get it at a better price. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

As if there aren't enough ways to keep in touch...

I'm excited to announce that on top of myspace and Facebook and our website we have adopted another way to keep intouch with our friends and family scattered around the world. I hope I can keep this up to date and thus all of you up to date. For a recap of the last 6 years see our "About Me" area.