Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Things I haven't blogged about but really should have...

Since my last blog a lot of fun things have happened. Here is the rundown.

-My birthday-I had a really great birthday this year. YAY 25! Sonia and Ryan drove down to me and we partied hardy. The best Birthday present was getting to spend time with my crazy family and insane friends.

-Kristopher graduated- Kris graduated with his Bachelors degree in Economics. We are all so proud of him!

- Trip to Carlsbad- as a celebration of Kris' graduation, Mothers day, and Kirby and my 5th wedding anniversary we flew out to San Diego/ Carlsbad CA. It was a VERY fun trip. I love my family and am SO glad we can spend time like that together without any fuss.

-The interior design business is finally making headway and almost making me money. It has been a long Long road but doing what you love is worth a little trouble.

-Kirby got a job at Enterprise Car Rental. He is a Manager Trainee right now with lots of space to move upward and onward.

Lets see I think those are the major highlights of the last couple of months. We have been fortunate enough to attend many spring time parties, travel to Salt Lake, and Spend time with family and friends.