Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Could it be a boy?!?!

Yesterday was my 14 week appointment. It was a pretty fast and easy one. All we did was listen to the heart beat and he answered some questions. When we were listening to the heart beat the Dr. commented that it sounded like its a boy. I have been thinking it was a boy from about 8 weeks and Kirby thinks it is a girl. I sort of giggled and asked the Dr. why he thought it was a boy. He told me that, in his experience, when the heart beat is a little slower it is usually a boy. He also said that he is rarely wrong about that. We can find out at 18 weeks what the gender is but I'm taking bets right now I have 3 for a girl and 1 (Well me) for a boy. I suppose only time will tell but I am getting excited to know...

Our one problem is that Kirby and I can't come up with any boy names we really like... we've found some that I like well enough but he is on the fence about all of them. The good news is that we have a girls name pick out and almost ready to go AND I have a few back up's.


  1. It wouldn't surprise me if you are having a boy!!! Everyone said I was having a boy and I kept telling them it's a girl, I can feel it. It's a motherly instinct! Sometimes you just know!!!

  2. oh man!! I am so excited!! I kind of hope it's a boy they are so so so much fun (maybe I am biased?) if it is a girl can her and beckham get married please!!


  3. Cami- YES! If it is a girl they had better get married! I think the timing would be perfect! And our grand kids would be so freaking hot!

    Sarah- Is it kind of sad that I will feel like I have absolutely no female intuition if it is a girl? In my head I'm so positive it is a boy I am struggling to even prepare myself that it could be a girl.

  4. Nike,
    Since I had Andrew, I have wanted a girl and that hasn't happened. I have felt in all my pregnancies that they would be boys. We have had a girls name picked out for forever now and I'm thinking that we wont get to use it. But We have not had boys names picked till we found out they were boys. Sometimes the names dont come to you till you hold that little baby in your arms. Sometimes you will think of the perfect name right as you see the gender. I think you are having a boy and I hope that you can find the perfect name. Good Luck and be sure to keep me updated as to how things are going!!!